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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Curious PR do?

Curious PR works for companies that have something new or unique to offer. We make complex messages understood, help spread awareness, and create word-of-mouth recommendation – among the right audiences. Our multi award-nominated* communication services ensure our clients’ offerings are clearly understood by the right people – whoever and wherever they are in the world. We are expert communicators in sectors that span Health & Wellbeing, Environmental Sustainability, Media & Production, Luxury – amongst others. 
* Finalists for "Best Campaign" at both the UK Agency Awards 2022 and the Third Sector Awards 2022.
2. What makes you different?
We are true experts in our fields who work together to produce outstanding results. Unlike big agencies that can be quick to delegate, we weave this expertise throughout all of our activities, making for true client satisfaction and trust. We’re proud of our experience, and of knowing how best to use it. In fact, between us we have 200 years of it. We are honoured to be generating what are often unexpectedly large audiences on behalf of our clients, which is down to our ability to make their story and offering 'irresistible’ to the required audience.
​3. Why are you called 'Curious PR'?
​Curious was founded by media experts – journalists and content-makers who like to ask a lot of questions and are innately keen to dig deeper to get to the facts. This gives us a distinct advantage: we get to know our clients’ needs intimately, plus those of their stakeholders. Armed with this knowledge, we go all-out to meet them – with all the tenacity of a journalist - to get the right story told.
4. How much do you charge your clients?

There are so many activities involved in PR, and many different deliverables, so our budgets depend on the scope of the client's needs, and on the pace or frequency at which we work. One thing we can confirm is that we offer good value to our clients, which is a consistent point of feedback. We also have special rates for start-ups and a not-for-profit organisations.

5. How would you describe your culture? 

We like to employ and work with people and organisations

that share our own values.

Values are the bedrock of all cultures, and whilst they are

difficult to put into a few words, we use this acronym to

describes our values and behaviours:

Curious - we dig deep, and love to ask questions

User-friendly - we tailor our strategy to our clients’ needs

Responsive + flexible - acting fast to opportunities that arise

Intelligent - our team of experts is world-class. We do not do ‘fluffy’!

On-it - our fingers are on the pulse of trends + media        

Unwilling to give up: we are tenacious and results-driven. We always go ‘all out’ to meet our mission

Sensitive, diplomatic and tactful - as you’d expect from a good PR agency

This culture has held us in good stead, but we are continually striving to be better. We are far from arrogant, and we don’t rest on our laurels. We believe the above is the reason that most of our clients have been with us for years, which is something we are extremely proud of. 

6. What kind of clients do you enjoy working with most?

We are passionate about our work, and about delivering results that make a genuine impact. That means we love working with clients where we feel we can ‘make a difference’ by communicating with excellence on their behalf. Whether it’s about new technology, unmet health needs, how people can make their organisations more sustainable. Or purely for the joy in getting a person or company ‘on the map’ because they deserve to be there but they don’t like to blow their own trumpet!  

7. Is there a particular type of client or work that you find most satisfying?

As story-tellers, we are always delighted when we generate interest and engagement about a person, team or news. We love getting to the bottom of the story. Plus, we like to challenge conventional views if they need to be re-examined. Finally, we are especially good at making complex things understandable which is why our tagline is ‘Facts To Life’. (That’s a play on words. Well, we can be cheeky when appropriate.) 

We also get satisfaction from finding the stories to tell so that the relevant audience wonders why on earth they didn’t hear about ‘this’ before. A good example involves our work communicating to the world about the Great Green Wall - the biggest human construction ever - visible from space - which few had heard about when we started off with our mission, yet which we put on the map for major decision-makers during Climate Change week thanks to facilitating social media activity.


8. What do you do at Curious PR to make a difference?

If the fit is right, we sometimes offer our services pro bono - especially when we cannot say ‘no’ because we're sure could make a difference through our communications. A good example includes our work for Better Streets for RBKC - a not for profit that campaigns to make the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (in Central London) greener and more ‘liveable’. Afterall, the future is being able to dine out on our pavements without gulping down traffic fumes with our food!

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