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Better Streets for RBKC

Cycle lanes are a bone of contention, as anyone living in London and other major cities will know - with Amsterdam as the exception! However, installation of cycle lanes through London is in keeping with national objectives to get citizens fit and healthy, safely distanced during Covid-19, and lowering their carbon footprint. That’s aside from creating public spaces with less danger to children, less pollution, and more scope to feel connected, 'human' and part of the community!

We're pleased to support local campaign group, Better Streets for Kensington & Chelsea by getting its news out to the media, thus securing a wider audience concerned about the future of how we live and travel in on of the most important cities in the world.


In December 2020, it urged The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) to 'pause and reflect' before ripping out the borough's only protected cycle lane on High Street Kensington - after just six weeks, during which, use of the lane more than doubled.


Sadly, this plea was ignored, as was reported widely - despite passionate local support from teachers, NHS workers, many local residents (especially those with children cycling to work), the Royal Albert Hall and Imperial College London. 

We look forward to further announcements from this volunteer-run group of passionate individuals.

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