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Sustainable Soils Alliance 

Did you know that a handful of soil contains more organisms than there are people on earth?! Or that the past 150 years have seen half the world's most productive soil disappear? Have you considered that the only thing preventing our planet from going extinct is 6 inches of soil and the fact it rains?

These are just 3 things we've learned by working with the not-for-profit group, Sustainable Soils Alliance

We have been helping strategise how to convey such facts around key moments such as World Soil Day. We've also helped launch - the community hub for 'all things soils' which facilitates collaboration between relevant experts, such as soil scientists and relevant organisations determined to see soils move up the agenda of people who make decisions about the future of how we grow our food, feed our expanding population, and maintain a diverse and healthy ecosystem.

Watch this excellent 7 minute short film by The Guardian film-maker, Josh Toussaint-Strauss. He was joined by our founder, Hannah Kapff, plus, Louisa Ziane, COO of Toast Ale, in an online Soils Talk: Getting The Public Excited About Soils. The trio discussed ways in which we can talk about soils to make the subject more 'appetising' to multiple audiences. Afterall, there's a competitive market for media headlines, with issues such as single use plastics and renewable energy currently 'stealing the show'. You can watch this talk here

Here at Curious PR, we predict that a tipping point will be reached fairly soon when the public will realise how important soils are, and take action. It may take more headlines such as, 'There are only 60 harvests left' (Scientific American) to make this happen. Or for more mainstream cultural moments, such as Woody Harrelson's Kiss The Ground  or film such as The Great Green Wall. Or maybe another equivalent to frighteningly propheticWALL-E... Either way, we say, 'Watch this messy, but, beautiful, space'....

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