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SongBird Survival 

Over the last 50 years, the UK’s songbird population has plummeted by a staggering 50%, yet few people are aware of this decline. SongBird Survival, uses its donations to help halt and reverse the loss of species such as tits and sparrows by funding scientific research at top UK universities. The charity's strap-line is 'Saving songbirds with science' which is an ethos we embrace here at Curious PR.

Curious PR’s long-standing experience and passion for biodiversity within environmental sustainability means we can interpret this science and communicate relevant messages to journalists and key stakeholders, including the public – both urban, rural, young and old.

In September 2020, we issued new research from the University of Exeter, commissioned by the charity. It identified 5 main types of cat owner in terms of their attitude to their cats’ hunting. Our resulting media and social media campaign resulted in a media reach of over 673,000,000 thanks to articles and broadcast interviews in the likes of CNN, Mail OnlineThe TelegraphThe Independent, ITV News, Newsweek and BBC Radio.


Does YOUR Cat Hunt?

Furthermore, over 25,000 cat owners did a simple quiz to find what type they were, proving there is a keen interest in the subject amongst the 25% of UK citizens who own a cat.  The benefits of such 'citizen friendly' science is that it opens up the conversation about how best to balance our fragile ecosystems. Afterall, in the words of the charity, “If nature is to win and endangered species thrive, a pragmatic approach is needed whereby cat owners’ views are considered as part of wider conservation strategies.”

Above is an infographics our team created to help tell the story. Plus, some of the media coverage we have helped secure: we are proud to know that so far, we have reached an audience of billions about the issues at play, and the importance of funding top quality scientists to help us find solutions.


Sadly, there are a plethora of issues facing our feathered dawn choristers: climate change, habitat loss, urbanisation, predation, toxicity from pesticides and many more. But, with better understanding, and the right actions and policies, their voices can grow stronger once again.  Indeed, we helped to form a strategy for the charity drawn on interviews with many experts, in order to 'future proof' it as far as possible. After all, these issues will not go away fast.

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What3Birds? - Let's Rebel from Extinctions!

In Spring of 2021, knowing that many people had heard birdsong like never before during the Pandemic, when roads and air traffic was silenced, we conceived and then launched the what3birds? campaign in conjunction with geolocation platform, What3Words. The campaign draws attention to which bird species are going missing or extinct in specific regions of the UK. The public just needs to do 3 things:  Spot, plot and share information about the birds they see on the interactive map, and learn about the species going MISSING from that region. Here in London, it's the House Sparrow and Mistle Thrush. 

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Charlie Corbett, author of new book, '12 Birds To Save Your Life', came on board to underline his long term support for SongBird Survival. You can hear him talk about the power of their song in conversation with Susan Morgan, CEO of the charity. 

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... And Fill the Sky with Birdsong - and Photographers!


Why not find out which species are going missing from your region, and how to help support those fragile populations with practical help. We look forward to publicising further top quality science from the charity, including findings from the University of Sussex on the subject of pesticides and their impact on songbirds. Watch this air space for more... 

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