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The opportunities reaching humankind through the rise of Artificial Intelligence appear endless, as discussed in our recent blog: AI seems set to transform many sectors, including healthcare, where it could be argued, it has the most to bring. AI driven technology is already reaching us in forms such as improved diagnostics, but in the hands of clinicians, it is also helping make more informed decisions on the optimal way to treat and manage their patients. In essence, we see this as giving the brains of many thousands of healthcare professionals into the hands of one.


In Western Societies, ageing populations and unhealthy lifestyles have combined to make patients more 'complex'. The rise of 'comorbidity' is a major factor here, whereby doctors commonly treat people who present with a web of inter-related conditions: high blood lipids, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, COPD, chronic kidney disease and/or dementia, plus others. Each condition should be monitored and managed optimally, and at the same time, clinical guidelines for each are constantly being updated. That's not even taking to account the patient's own biology - genetic, epigenetic and other nuanced factors. 


Metadvice is a healthcare technology company based in the UK, USA and Switzerland which is combining the power of AI with precision medicine, plus the latest advancements in medical science, to provide an innovative software platform for clinicians to use across the globe. In doing so, it is helping solve real-world medical problems faced by a growing, ageing population. How? By enabling healthcare providers to personalise the treatment of patients and thus transform delivery of healthcare.


At Curious PR, we are delighted to support Metadvice with a range of activities to leverage its powerhouse of expertise and thought leadership. We do this across multiple channels including global and national media channels. We recently secured an interview with CEO, Andrew Rut, on BBC World News prime time programme, World Business Report. Sally Bundock and Andrew discussed the adoption of AI technology in the NHS and how Metadvice's platform can address some of the key challenges faced in healthcare systems across the globe.

CEO, Andrew Rut, on BBC World News'

World Business Report (400+ million monthly viewers)

We also support Metadvice digital and social media channels (LinkedIn and X) to ensure audiences are kept abreast of the company's exciting developments, as well as highly informed opinions and knowledge about the ability of artificial intelligence to facilitate personalised care and better outcomes for patients around the world. 

Infographic demonstrating context and benefits

of Metadvice's software platforms

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