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We won rightly-deserved recognition for Mellor&Smith, arguably London’s bravest brand advertising agency. Their team doesn’t do ‘beige’ – as witnessed via its hilarious Bland Book. Our client’s mission? Getting brands to take creative risks that make them stand out from the crowd, rather than throwing money away on ads that are ‘just expensive wallpaper’. 

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As the champagne slipped down at the industry’s biggest conference of the year, Cannes Lions, we secured an invitation from the BBC World News Talking Business programme for 24-year-old Creative, Cookie Tabinor, who roared loudly about the demise of creativity which means that a shocking 89% of ads seen are immediately forgotten. Speaking to a live audience of 120,000,000 viewers just shows: this Cookie doesn’t crumble! 


Paul Mellor, Co-Founder, got to chat to BBC Radio London for a full 15 minutes on the subject of ‘What’s happened to all the good ads?’ His opinions were quoted in a front page teaser article in CITYAM newspaper about whether the £65Bn spent on Christmas ads in 2019 was worth the money to retailers. The agency’s up-front tube campaign for fin-tech firm, Canopy Rent, was also featured in a key trade title, The Negotiator.

If you’d like to solid proof of the power of risk-taking, push in your ear pods for TFR: The Podcast to hear interviews by Mellor&Smith with some inspiring figures – from a Mars mission astronaut, to legendary copywriters, Vicki Ross and Drayton Bird. Or else join 400 or so others at one of their sell-out TFR Events. 

(Just in case you’ve been wondering: The T stands for ‘Take’, the R stands for ‘Risks’. We’ll leave the rest to you… You got it. No beige.)

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