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ImproveWell is an award-winning, real-time feedback platform designed to aid continuous improvement and innovation in healthcare: a service that empowers frontline workers to drive change in the workplace. The company works with NHS Trusts and organisations such as the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Institute for Healthcare Improvement to help give a voice to those working in healthcare in the UK, USA and elsewhere.

Given the ongoing crisis in NHS recruitment and retention, it is perhaps of no surprise that ImproveWell continues to win awards and accolades: its services make a genuine difference to staff, patients and stakeholders in wider society. 


In the UK, the NHS's unprecedented staff retention issue led the Government to publish the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan in June 2023. Why? Because without immediate and joined-up action, modelling suggests that a workforce gap of up to 360,000 people will exist by 2036/37. Many factors influence someone's decision to stay or leave an organisation, and though pay and reward are factors, they aren't always the primary drivers. 


This complex subject was explored by ImproveWell through an evidence review, following which, our team helped support the publication of the firm's first White Paper, Delivering On Our Promise to Staff – Engage, Empower and Retain. The paper outlines ImproveWell's Framework for Workforce Retention, including the 8 key drivers of retention which were identified via 3,500 ideas put forward by users of its platform. The paper notes, "Fewer than 4% of improvement ideas staff put forward via ImproveWell's app are pay-related."  Instead, main drivers are those tackling delivery of high quality care and staff wellbeing. These findings provide positive, proactive learnings which suggest the retention gap CAN be narrowed - if the 8 key drivers are addressed. 


It is always satisfying to support communications focussed on solving the most prescient issues facing healthcare systems around the world. Likewise, to read empirical proof that organisations which listen and learn move faster towards their goals. In fact, this is a key tenet here at Curious PR. Afterall, communications is a 2-way street.

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