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Esaote is a Top 10 European OEM providing MRI and Ultrasound equipment to hospitals, clinics and veterinary surgeries. We worked with the organisation to provide a global communications strategyincluding corporate communications, medical communications and marketing support.

Our founder led end-user research to help identify key insights and develop key messages that would clearly articulate the USPs of the company, its product and its brand. These messages would go on to build trust and boost professional reputations on the corporate, as well as the medical, side.


We managed new product launches and corporate developments for the company, including the introduction of new Board Members. At one particular radiology conference, we secured 32 pieces of coverage in Asia, Americas, Europe and Middle East with a combined circulation of 3,589,700, and estimated advertising equivalent value of ~€137,748. Interviews with the CEO and CMO across print, online and social media platforms helped to boost reputations as well as forming new relationships based on evidenced proof points. Activities such as these help not only to explain technical details and product benefits, they also increase trust amongst multiple stakeholders - radiologists, surgeons, purchase decision-makers, and others involved in the world of medical imaging.  

Our team of production specialists also created filmed content based on interviews within medical settings. The end result, importantly, enabled healthcare professionals and hospital decision-makers hear peer-to-peer recommendation about Esaote's products, plus its all-round customer support.


Besides providing press office support at US + European radiology conferences, we also conceived and executed innovative marketing campaigns, such as ‘Does Size Matter?’ in terms of magnet size. 

People who have worked with world-class PR professionals know that raising the profile of companies and their experts to build reputations ultimately boosts sales, especially in a competitive marketplace. As always, our PR activities are formulated to provide a multiplier or 'halo effect' which gives clients a strong return on investment.

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