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Commercial UAV Academy

As the Gatwick ‘drone sighting’ debacle of Christmas 2018 proved to us all, drones are looming ever larger in our skies – and lives. Indeed, PriceWaterhouse Coopers predicts the UK drone industry will bring £42 billion and 628,000 jobs to the UK by 2030. Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs estimates that drones will be a $100Bn global market by 2020. Many industries are using UAVs as part of ‘business as usual’, and their use does not come without risks. However, those risks can be mitigated – with the right training and regulations.
Commercial UAV Academy (CUAVA) is a UAV ground and flight school that helps drone operators achieve the qualifications they need to operate professionally. (The CAA requires anyone wishing to operate a UAV for commercial gain to apply for Permission for Commercial Operations, PfCO). CUAVA’s trainers such as Alan Perrin, Chief Instructor, are seasoned professional pilots, with a wealth of commercial experience both on the ground and in the air, to pass on to their students. 
Curious PR managed the company’s media, social media and marketing strategy. Since working with the Academy, our team has secured expert interviews for the Alan Perrin, who was featured in a raft of national and international media platforms during the Gatwick Drone interference in December 2018, including LBC Radio and BBC World News, where he spoke at length about drone safety, and the future of UAV security. Our team has also secured editorial coverage relevant to sectors in which CUAVA operates, such as an article in Construction Index Magazine which examines the value of having in-house drone capability to deploy whenever and wherever needed. 
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