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What will go down as YOUR memory of Summer 2018?

This newsletter comes to you by the power of three desk fans during the hottest British summer since 1976, which promises to be the driest on record. But what will go down in YOUR memory bank as the highlight of Summer 2018? England reaching the semi-finals of the World Cup? The 6 hour 36 minute Anderson v Isner match at Wimbledon, or the Anti-Trump march which saw 100,000 protestors fill central London? We will remember it for having the privilege to work with a diverse range of open-minded clients, spanning a fascinating array of business sectors – from health to film tech and the charity sector.

Let's ROAR for better Pelvic Health!

The pelvic region of women has been high profile this summer, with the ‘Mesh Scandal’ hitting headlines around the nation. Just before this complication-prone medical procedure was halted (pending further investigation) we launched #pelvicroar. This new health campaign was conceived by three women’s health physiotherapists roaring for change, unhappy with the status quo that sees poor awareness of an issue that affects a staggering 1 in 3 women. And if consumers are in the dark, even medical professionals are still learning how such a complex system of muscles, nerves and tendons works. On behalf of our client, Kegel8 - brand leader in devices used to treat or prevent pelvic floor issues - we reached out to women of all ages via the media and social media to urge closer collaboration between healthcare practitioners, the fitness industry, policy makers and other groups. #pelvicroar urges us all to ‘get a grip’ on the pelvic floor! We’ve learned an enormous amount in the process; just one of the major privileges of working in healthcare communications!

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WW2 Women who Served

Through media training, media campaigns and documentary film-making, our team is helping raise the profile of The WRAC Association, a charity that supports women who serve (or have served) in the army. It’s 100 years since the first women served in the forces, and how their roles have progressed! In September, it will be 80 years since the formation of the ATS (Auxillary Territorial Service), the service that HM The Queen joined aged 18 (learning to service Land Rovers, amongst other tasks). Before WW2, joining up was rare for women. These days, they form 1 in 10 of those serving in the army, and they can travel all over the globe doing pretty much the same tasks as male counterparts.

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We've been helping raise awareness of the role played by pioneering women who served in WW2, such as Betty Webb MBE, who runs the charity's Birmingham branch aged 94, having cracked enemy codes at Bletchley Park. Dame Kelly Holmes joined the WRAC aged 17, and maintains that her 10 years of service as a fitness training instructor helped her achieve two Olympic gold medals. The WRAC Association provides camaraderie and support for its members, and offers grants to women in times of hardship. When winter fuel poverty starts to be an issue, we look forward to reaching out to find more such women who could potentially benefit.

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Freshing up UK Dentistry

This spring, we announced that Colosseum Dental - the nation’s 3rd largest chain of dentists - was under new ownership, with a new brand, plus, upgrades underway at all 80 of its clinics. With Brexit high on the media agenda and a nationwide shortage of dentists, we explained the benefits of being the UK’s only pan-European group, and what this means for patients and dental professionals alike. Our work helped secure coverage in all the leading trade press titles - The Dentist, Dentistry and The Probe.

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Up on the roof to celebrate 25 years of Aerial Filming

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Sometimes you just gotta shout it from the rooftops! Especially when you hit your 25th year in business. We organised a party for our high-flying client Helicopter Film Services at a Soho rooftop venue, where talented cinematographers mingled with film industry journalists, sipping aviation-themed cocktails for extra lift. Our client, The Naked Pharmacy, provided turmeric-infused Virgin Aviator hot toddies, and gifted the guests with serotonin-boosting Saffrosun supplements. As if we needed to fly any higher!

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Stripping Back STRIP

Exciting changes are in the mix for our luxury grooming client, Strip, which has six central London locations and an enviable celebrity clientele. We continue to secure media coverage, including filmed interviews on BBC Money as well as articles in GlamourTelegraph Beauty and Baby London.

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Do get in touch if you'd like to hear more about any of the above. We're super-excited about getting Autumn 2018 campaigns and support started, but whilst the heat is still on, the Curious PR team wishes you a FANTASTIC summer! 

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